About Us

Blesso Cosmetics have a diversified product portfolio which encompasses over 50 skin care products which are completely steroid free. These tubes are being manufactured with keeping the Mission of “PREMIUM QUALITY PRODUCTS” ahead. Special blend of HALAL INGREDIENTS approved by islamic council make them one of a kind.
BLESSO has also introduced quality products in different markets as per the demand of its prestigious customers as the company promises to place its user needs always on top priority. Our Strategic Partners Manufacturing facilities are CGMP (Cosmetic Goods Manufacturing Practices) Compliant, Most of our products are 100% Halal Certified, and we adhere to strict regulations to assure Strength, Quality, and Purity of our Products.

Chairman Message

Make things easy for people, be best to them and speak good.

We believe in creating value addition in life of every person either he is attached to our business or not we must think good for everyone.

From waiting for one second on the roads letting other people go first to the value addition in society, we incorporate and acknowledge every tiny good deed, this is how we train our children and this is how we should train our employees.

If we grow we must let our employees grow even faster. Have patience, faith and discipline to make every dream come true. For us direction matters more than speed, employees training matter more than sales, society matters more individuals. We believe in creating value in our brands, our products, our standards, our services and above all our country. Come unite with us lets create an opportunity to makes everyone life beautiful. Let us not just pray for our generation rather act today by ourselves and make them proud individuals, proud citizens and best humans for tomorrow.

Our Mission

Product & Brand Expansion by Adding Value To A Beautiful Life.

Our Vision

Leading Organization with Diversified Brands, Adding Value to A Beautiful Life.

Our Principles

  • We are Punctual.
  • We are Efficient.
  • We do What we Commit.
  • We accept and learn from our Mistakes.

Our Values

  • Honesty
  • Respect
  • Accountability
  • Innovation
  • Team Work
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